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Artikel: 5 mistakes you make when searching for a new winter coat

5 mistakes you make when searching for a new winter coat

5 mistakes you make when searching for a new winter coat

You know the cold months are coming. You can feel the cold wind through your thin jacket and the collar cannot get warm enough. You have a problem - you have not found your next winter jacket yet.

But do not worry, this is where we can help. We have a lot of high quality jackets in stock, and they can meet all your needs. But how do you choose the perfect winter jacket?

The coat you choose is too short

There are a large number of beautiful winter jackets that are as short as summer jackets. But sometimes a short winter jacket ends up being your biggest regret. Instead, you should choose a long winter jacket that covers the upper body and all the way down to the knees. With such a winter jacket, you will feel warm and protected throughout the winter. We have many different kinds of long winter coats. Click on the picture below and go directly to our large selection of winter jackets.

vinterjakke med pels

You coat will only last for one season

Many people know about this problem. You find a winter jacket, spend a lot of money on it, and when you want to wear it next season, it is either faded in its color, worn out on the sleeves or just not in your taste anymore. It is a huge problem that leads to overconsumption among people all over the world.

So why not make an effort to stop this trend once and for all? If you invest in a jacket made of real sheepskin, then you will surely have a winter jacket that neither fades nor wears itself to pieces in just one or two seasons. A sheepskin jacket keeps its beautiful appearance and its many qualities. Therefore, it is a winter coat you can count on!

See our many sheepskin coats in our webshop here and enjoy some of our bestsellers below.


Your coat is affordable, but not warm at all

When you change your winter jacket every year - remember we have to change that! - then you may have to adjust the budget a bit. This means that you get hold of a winter jacket that is not lined properly and that is generally not made of materials of good enough quality.

A winter jacket usually has one simple and primary purpose; to keep you warm in the coldest months.

Give yourself the winter jacket you deserve. Give yourself a winter jacket lined and created with real sheepskin.


Your coat does not fit your taste anymore

One of the main reasons why you buy a new winter jacket year after year is that last year’s coat does not suit your taste anymore. This is a widespread luxury problem that we need to address.

In our large selection of winter coats made of real sheepskin, you will find a winter jacket in a classic, Danish design that almost never goes out of style. Make a safe investment by buying such a winter coat for yourself.

Your coat is practical and not at all fashionable

Often, when buying a winter coat, you choose the practical version, to defend the purchase to yourself and a potential partner. But it is not smart if you also want a winter jacket that you can wear when you go out.

A winter coat from our collection is a coat that you can wear when you go out. But did you know that it is also practical? Sheepskin is a lovely material. It is dirt repellent by nature, it is temperature regulating and it is long lasting.

vinterjakke med pels

3 qualities that practical but boring winter jackets have. Find your favorite sheepskin coat among our selection and do yourself that favor. With such a jacket, you will always have a nice but practical jacket to wear.

We hope this article has helped you to find a winter coat that you can wear for many years and that you will be happy with for many years. If you have questions about our winter jackets or want to try them on, you are always welcome in our store in Hedensted, close to Vejle.

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 We look forward to seeing you!

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