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Artikel: 5 ways to improve your bedroom

5 ways to improve your bedroom

5 ways to improve your bedroom

Do you know the feeling when you are really comfortable at home, but your feet get cold? This can happen quickly, especially when you do not have carpet in your bedroom. It can easily happen that your feet get cold, especially if you have stone or tile floors. But we know: you really don't have to have cold feet, because there are such great skins that you can pamper yourself with!

It is always a good time to change something in your home. Making a change in our homes has always been something we love. We all know the feeling when we feel that our house has become boring because we live in the same environment every day. However, there is an easy way to change your home. All it takes is a striking element that makes the house both interesting and inviting at the same time.

Especially your bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of hours in and where you can calm down after a long day and have a good night sleep. That is why we find it super important that that room is nice, cozy and welcoming. In this blogpost you can get ideas on how to improve your bedroom in five different ways.

Icelandic Sheepskin

One of the most exciting and natural sheepskins in the world is the sheepskin from Iceland. Iceland has a very special climate and breath taking nature and these natural conditions have a strong influence on Icelandic sheepskin. In this article we will show you how Icelandic sheepskin can add a special touch to your bedroom.

Icelandic sheepskin has a long, slightly coarse coat. This is very tight, so it perfectly protects the sheep against heat and cold. This density of fur is also a sign of high quality, as happy sheep have the most beautiful fur. The hair measures about 15 cm in length but can sometimes be 20 cm long. In addition to the long hair variant, the Icelandic lambskin is also available with shorter wool, which measures around 5 cm. This variant is sheared lamb, which is particularly soft to the touch and a little easier to care for.

Icelandic sheepskin

Find your Icelandic sheepskin here.

The long-haired sheepskin looks particularly natural and rustic and brings exciting structure and colour to every home. It should be shaken regularly so that it retains its natural lightness. The short hair variant should also be shaken up regularly and can also be easily vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner on a low level.

Especially if you enjoy natural colours and a mild coloured home, then a natural sheepskin like the one from Iceland is perfect for your home. You can lay it on the floor or throw it over a chair, the possibilities here are endless. It is safe to say that an Icelandic sheepskin will improve your bedroom and give it a natural touch.

Read more about our genuine sheepskin here.

Sheepskin chair cover

If you've got to the point where your bedroom needs an upgrade or something new, a real sheepskin chair cover can be a great way to solve that problem. Natural sheepskins can be used for many different purposes and when it comes to decorating your home the possibilities are almost endless. At NATURES Collection we have a large selection of different seat covers for your bedroom.

You can choose between different colours as well as types of fur. We can offer fur from Tibet, New Zealand, or even Iceland. You can have natural colours or even bright colours like pink or purple.

Decorate your bedroom with sheepskin chair covers in different colours, decorate your bed and make your bedroom even more inviting. With our seat covers, only your imagination sets the limit.

seat covers in sheepskin

See all our seat cover here.


Fur cushions are a popular living accessory, because they can be wonderfully combined with armchairs and couches made of all materials and in all colours. Our pillows are not only versatile in their use but also versatile in their design. You can choose between round and square shapes, numerous colour variants and of course between skins from all over the world.

Cushions can be a wonderful accessory in the bedroom. You can decorate your bed with wonderful and soft cushions and give your bedroom a special touch.

sheepskin pillow

See all our pillows in fur right here.

Brazilian Cowhide

The most common by-product in the production of beef is cow leather. But if a hide is particularly beautiful, it is processed into a cow hide. That is why cowhides in our range are particularly beautiful and unique. As mentioned before, the cowhides are a by-product of the meat production and would have otherwise been thrown away. By keeping the cowhides, we can focus more on sustainability and not waste such a beautiful product.

Ideal as a carpet that can bring a rustic or modern look into the home - depending on the furnishing style - durable cowhides are popular products in our range. 

Brazilian cowhides are of a particularly high quality. This quality is measured in hair density and hair length. Cowhides with short hair are of particularly high quality and the same applies to cowhides with particularly thick hair. In our office there are several cowhides, and our 20 or more colleagues walk over the cowhides several times every day - and yet the cowhides still look like new.


See all our unique cow hides here.

This is also because the hair is very tightly fitting. This makes cowhides less likely to get dirty. Cowhides can also be cleaned easily; you can vacuum them quickly with a vacuum cleaner and dirt and dust are removed. Due to the somewhat rough suede back, a cowhide lies firmly on the floor and does not slip - regardless of whether it is a wooden floor, tiled floor or concrete floor.

So, if you want to give your bedroom and extravagant touch - a cowhide is the perfect choice for you.

Tibetan Sheepskin

One of the most popular sheepskins in the world is the sheepskin from Tibet: a particularly beautiful, fine sheepskin with great corkscrew curls. But where exactly does the fur come from and what are its special features? Here we will tell you a bit more about what makes Tibetan sheepskin so special and how it can improve your bedroom.

Sheepskin from Tibet is known for the small, fine curls that the fur has. These curls resemble a corkscrew with the small spirals, which is why they are often called "corkscrew curls". The curls are between 10 and 15 cm long and are unique in this form. Similar to lambskins from Tibet, Mongolian lambskins also have these fine curls, but mostly not of this high quality. The high quality can be recognised by several aspects: the density of the fur, the number of curls and the fineness of the curls.

tibetan sheepskin

Add a tibetan sheepskin to your bedroom, find one here.

Tibetan sheepskin is naturally white. Often there are sheepskins that have a very strong yellow tinge - but not the sheepskin from Tibet. Due to the local conditions, the fur does not get as dirty in nature and remains naturally white. This white colour also makes it possible to dye the Tibetan sheepskin.

At NATURES Collection we can offer Tibetan sheepskin in more colour than you can imagine. We have natural colours like beige, brown and sand but also have very trendy and bright colours like pink, rose or purple.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

How to clean a sheepskin rug

Can you wash real sheepskin? Sheepskins are becoming more popular every year, and rightly so. They are by-products of meat production that would otherwise likely be disposed of. Further processing in decorative skins not only creates jobs, but also ensures that everything is used from the animal.

As a natural product, sheepskins are easy to care for and mostly keep themselves clean. But when a coat gets particularly dirty, the question often arises: Can you wash a lambskin? This article provides some information on how to wash a fur. 

Can you wash real sheepskin?

Short answer: yes and no

It always depends on the individual rug and the type of wash. This is why it is important that you gather some information before washing your sheepskin.

The question of whether you can wash a sheepskin is usually about washing it in the machine. In general, washing a rug in the washing machine should only be the last resort.

Smaller stains can be removed with a damp cloth, dried-on stains can be brushed out with a sheepskin brush. 

Larger stains can be removed by hand with a mild wool washing liquid. Use cold or at most lukewarm water. If possible, make sure that the fur does not become soggy and that the leather remains quite dry. Read more here.

Let’s improve your bedroom

We hope that this blogpost gave you some inspiration on how to decorate your bedroom in five different ways.

No matter if you want some cushions to decorate your bed, some seat covers to decorate your lounge chairs or a beautiful cowhide for the floor. You can find it all at NATURES Collection.

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