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Artikel: Be your own interior designer

Be your own interior designer

Be your own interior designer

What does your dream home look like? We all have different visions about what kind of interior decoration we wish in our home, and it is even harder to find the perfect items that fits perfectly into this specific vision.

At NATURES Collection we enjoy creativity, and we find it very important to feel free and comfortable at home. Therefore, we are happy and proud to present our brand-new concept that gives you the opportunity to being your own interior designer in our amazing NC Studio.

Our NC Studio is more than ready to help you make all your dreams come true because almost anything is possible. In our NC Studio we work with natural materials of sky-high quality, and we are amazed by the many opportunities every day. Here you can read more about our NC Studio and learn how to be your own interior designer.

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A natural universe

At NATURES Collection you will find a natural and beautiful universe created with lovely sheepskins from all over the world. We appreciate nature and what it offers which we aim to show in all our collections by creating different and beautiful items that fits into any interior decoration. Nature has the amazing ability to light up any room with its Nordic and raw look that sweeps you off your feet with no exceptions. This is one of the many reasons why we at NATURES Collection are in love with nature and the materials it gives us.

In our NC Studio we work with sheepskin fur from New Zealand, Iceland and more which we have carefully selected. Therefore, you are offed natural materials of highest quality when you visit our website, but also when you are in close contact with our NC Studio. In our NC studio you can design upholstered furniture, lovely cushions, and other beautiful and unique details for your interior decoration with genuine sheepskin fur.

symaskine til pels

New Zealand sheepskin is perfect for the purpose as it is a versatile, soft, durable, long lasting, and beautiful material, that can be almost anything you want it to be. The fur can be either long and wild or shortcut and curly. It depends on the look you wish for.

Do you have a favorite color? The sheepskin can be colored in almost any shade, so you can design the perfect furniture or decorative item for your home. It might be the last and final touch to our interior decoration! 

Sustainable items for your home

At NATURES Collection we value sustainability highly. Did you know that we choose our sheepskin specifically from the meat industry? The fur is a typical by product to the production of meat and by using it in your home you can be part of minimizing the waste of resources. We believe that it is beneficial to make use of the materials we are offered from nature rather than letting it go to waste. Our NC Studio gives you the chance to enjoy nature with a clear conscience.

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Add a unique touch to your interior decoration

At NC Studio we are capable of almost anything and we are positive and open-minded to all creative thoughts and inputs as we are capable and specialized in the field. We aspire to meet all your expectations and more so, to help you design your very own and unique item with genuine sheepskin fur for your interior decoration. This will make your home personal and unique because only you will own an item similar to this.

Furthermore, this is your chance to invite nature into your home. With a natural item you will feel more at home than ever before as it has a soft and warm look that cannot be mistaken. The Nordic charm will influence the atmosphere and make it both relaxed and cozy.


The only limit is your own imagination

The thing that makes NC Studio very unique is that the only limit is your imagination, as we are willing to make your visions come true. We have experience with upholstering all kinds of furniture with genuine sheepskin and with creating beautiful and natural decorative items for the home, e.g., fur cushions of all shapes, colors and sizes. Do you have an old armchair or couch, that could use a new and natural look? Contact us for more information on how to make your furniture as good as new and even better, softer, and more beautiful.

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