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Artikel: Brand new fur slippers are now online!

Brand new fur slippers are now online!

Brand new fur slippers are now online!


Do you also need a bit of self-pampering? Or do you know a nice girl, that deserves an especially soft present? Maybe your feet are tired after a long day of work and need a little warmth and soft fur? Look at our new and amazing selection if slippers, that come in a great range of colors and designs. It is nothing less than fantastic.

Wrap your feet up with fur and feel how comfortable it is. With a pair of fur slippers, you can walk around in nature at any time. It is very luxurious, and you deserve it! Jump into our universe of soft and beautiful fur and fall in love with our slippers.

Our new slippers

We have extended our selection of amazing fur slippers. They are all fashionable, soft and 100% natural. Read more about your different styles here and get to know what style that can meet all your needs and more.  

Tony Slippers

Our new Tony slippers are the perfect sandals for summer and the coolest slippers, that fits even better on the foot with a rubber band around the heel. This slipper has a cool look that can add a bit of edge to any outfit with a natural touch.

sheepskin slippers

Find our Tony Slippers here.

Lilly Slippers

Our elegant Lilly slippers with curly sheepskin have a soft and beautiful look, that you can enjoy every single day. With its solid sole you are guaranteed a lovely sandal for spring and summer just as well as it is a comfortable slipper for indoor use.

sheepskin slippers

Mirada Slippers

Look at Mirada that has beautiful color combinations with 3 colors. This slipper is different and stylish in its looks and at the same time the wide strap around the foot keeps you warm and comfortable around the foot.

Fur slippers

Find our Mirada Slippers right here.

Cross & Strap slippers

Our popular cross slippers with two straps crossed over the foot comes in even more colors! Look at our brand-new cross slippers in beige and rose. They are beautiful and can be used with almost any outfit. This is a stylish slipper, that is the perfect sandal and slipper for home use at the same time.

Look at our nice and cozy strap slippers with two straps over the foot. These straps make sure, that the shoe fits perfectly on the foot, and they provide the optimal support, so you will have the best experience possible when wearing the slippers. These slippers have a lovely and stylish look, so you can use them for any purpose after your wishes.

fur slippers

Find our Cross Slippers here and our Strap Slippers here.

Sheepskin slippers from New Zealand

Our slippers are made of New Zealand sheepskin fur, that is a very versatile and useful material. The fur is dense and strong and at the same time it has the softest finish that creates the perfect comfort for you and your feet. 

Sheepskin fur from New Zealand can have many different looks depending on what it needs to be used for. This flexibility makes the material perfect for almost anything, and we love to use it for fashion items and interior. We work with both long wool and short wool sheepskin fur, that also can be either straight or curly in the fur. Long wool sheepskin fur has a wild and raw look of the nature, whereas the curly sheepskin fur has an even warmer and soft look, that is perfect for the bedroom or in the living room. Besides, we work with a type of sheepskin called moccasin, which is cut down to only 12 mm, so the surface is beautiful and blank. There are many options with New Zealand sheepskin fur, and we cannot get enough!

When you buy a new item with sheepskin fur it is important to know what type of sheepskin it is, especially if it is for use in the home, because they should be cared for differently. It is easy and does not take a lot of work to treat a sheepskin, but you come a long way if you make sure to shake it regularly and air it. It can extend the lifetime of the product even more. Read more about how to take care of your sheepskin here

sheepskin slippers

Sheepskin fur is a very durable material, and it is all because it is 100% natural. The beautiful fur has adjusted the wild and raw environment through the years, and you get this quality with the purchase. It is amazing because it makes sure that the material can last a lifetime. You can look forward to many good times with your new slippers of sheepskin fur, and you do not have to hesitate to make use of them every single day.

Another natural quality of the material is that sheepskin has a heat regulating ability, so the fur keeps you warm when it is cold, and at the same time it has a cooling effect when it is warm. Because of that, the slippers will keep your feet warm through the cold winter months, and you can also make use of them outdoor during the summer. It is quite incredible and completely natural.

High-quality material

The sheepskin fur is of the highest quality, and it is selected with great care. It can both be seen and felt on the amazing slippers that oozes of softness, exclusivity, warmth, and pure nature. When you wear your new slippers or let your fingers run through the fur, you will have no doubts that it is a unique piece of nature.

Because these slippers er made of high-quality sheepskin, you can look forward to using your slippers every single day without fearing that they will be worn out too soon. It is a benefit of New Zealand sheepskin, and it is very durable by nature. Fur slippers of sheepskin has a long lifetime, and it is because of the sky-high quality of the sheepskin.

Experience a great softness

Our new slippers look just as comfortable as they are. When you wear your new slippers, you will instantly feel the amazingly soft fur enclose your feet, so both you and your feet will be happy in no time. This softness will keep you comfortable and warm at any time and you can allow yourself to relax even more.

With a pair of sheepskin slippers, you can make any Sunday even better, every day easier and the mornings much more exciting than ever before. Imagine having a pair of very soft slippers at the end of the bed, that you easily and quickly can jump in every single morning when you get up. You will not be able to wait to feel the soft fur again. In our opinion there is nothing more amazing than the thought of coming home from a long and hard day of work and replacing the uncomfortable shoes with a pair of sheepskin slippers. It is self-indulgence and it is something you deserve. 

A sustainable collection

Not only will your new slippers offer you the ultimate comfort and softness because of the sheepskin – you can also wear them with a clear conscience! Did you know that we carefully select all our sheepskin with consideration for the environment? We get our sheepskin from the meat industry because the fur is a typical by-product to the production of lamb. We use material that would have gone to waste. Do not hesitate and try a pair of slippers, so you can enjoy all of the natural qualities, that the sheepskin fur has to offer. At the same time, you can be part of reducing waste. It is perfect.

A natural item for your wardrobe

If you need a bit of self-indulgence and your wardrobe needs a bit of new life, then the nature is the way to go. With a pair of slippers, that is made of sheepskin, you get the opportunity to add the nature to your wardrobe and your every day in a discreet and stylish way. It is both soft and luxurious at the same time, and what is better than that? Enjoy nature even more by inviting it into your wardrobe. It can only be good.

Bring your slippers anywhere

A pair of fur slippers is quite indispensable, when you have felt the extreme softness, they offer. Therefore, it is lucky that you can pack them in a bag and bring them with you at any time no matter where you are going. Whether it is on holiday abroad or a weekend away. Upgrade your ski trip with a pair of fur slippers that you can walk around in after a long day of skiing. It does not get much better than that.

Enjoy your slippers all year

Because the sheepskin fur is heat regulating you can use your slippers all year around. During winter the slippers will keep your feet warm even when it is coldest and during summer you can enjoy them on the terrasse as a cool pair of stylish sandals. That way, you can really enjoy your new fur slippers, and you will surely never regret buying them!

Slippers in amazing colors

Our new slippers come in an amazing color range. Choose the natural colors such as beige, white, dark grey or black, or challenge yourself with a pair of mint green or purple slippers. The new color range is both exciting and beautiful at the same time, and you get a lot of opportunities, so you can find the perfect slippers that fits amazingly into your wardrobe.

For slippers for everyone

With an extended selection and even more colors everyone can find a pair of slippers! There are for sure a pair of slippers, that falls right in your taste, and which you in no way can do without, and the same is likely for those around you. Our slippers come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. Maybe you have a daughter that could use a bit indulgence? What is more lovely that matching mother-daughter slippers? We love the concept!


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