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Artikel: Can´t find a new handbag? Try fur!

Can´t find a new handbag? Try fur!

Can´t find a new handbag? Try fur!

Does your wardrobe need a new and exciting item, that will surprise you and all of your friends, then one of our great fur bags is what you need! In our selection of genuine fur bags, you can find everything between a big weekend bag and a cute clutch, that complements anyone and any style. Besides, we have made it almost impossible for you not to find a bag that fits into your wardrobe, because our bags come in many beautiful colours. That is sustainable fashion, and it has never looked better!

What makes our bags sustainable?

In our line of bags, you will only find bags that are 100% natural products. We have genuine rabbit fur, different kinds of the softest sheepskin fur, fox fur and the shining and glistering mink fur from Denmark. All types of natural fur have in common, that they ooze natural exclusivity, and no matter what your new bag is made of, it will be a new and interesting item to your wardrobe. Besides, all of our bags are sustainable, because we only work with real skin, which we get from the meat industry, and in that way, we help ensuring that all the beautiful fur is not wasted. Do the world and yourself a favor by buying one of our nice bags and reduce resource waste at the same time.

Get a new big shoulder bag or weekend bag

If you miss a big shoulder bag for school or work, or if you need a spacious bag for when you are going to a workout, then one of our shopper bags is the obvious choice, because they are both practical and extremely fashionable.

weekend bag

Find this bag and many more by clicking here.

Bags of genuine sheepskin wool

Take a look at our Maxi Glory Shopper, that is made of the softest sheepskin wool from New Zealand. This is a bag, that oozes of luxury, because it has a beautiful shape and a great size for almost any occasion. It fits any woman no matte age, due to its timeless but well thought out design, which is why you are going to love your new Maxi Glory Shopper. We cannot think of one reason not to fall completely in love with one of our Maxi Glory shoulder bags. This is also the perfect gift.

Maybe you are looking for something that stands out, so the people around you will not be able to look the other way when they see you with your beautiful and sustainable bag? Then our Hailey Shopper, that is made of the curly sheepskin wool from Tibet, is the ideal bag for you. It is very characteristic, because it has beautiful, long and curly fur, that is very special for this type of sheepskin. It gives a wow factor, that is hard to find elsewhere. The soft fur has the finest curls that adds a magical colour play, that can be seen no matter what colour you choose. Who would have thought, that something this exclusive also could be sustainable? It is almost too good to be true.

shopperbag in fur

Find your own fur shopper bag right here.

Try a shopper bag

If you need a bag for a more practical purpose, and you need to make sure, that you can bring all of your items safely, for example if you need your laptop with you on the run, or if you have many different items, that you would like to carry in your bag, then we also have more nice shopper bags with a zipper. Our Norma Shopper, that is made of real sheepskin fur, or our Hailey Shopper made of rabbit fur, are two very good choices. These bags are essential for when you are going to school, heading to the gym or if you need a nice shoulder bag, that is great to use as a weekend bag, because they are spacious and have a zipper. Maybe you have a daughter, who could use a bag for when she is having a sleepover at a friend’s place? For an occasion like that, one of these two bags would be perfect!

If you wish to treat yourself, then you just have to get your very own Glow Shopper, that is made of real fox fur. It oozes of luxury in a way you have never seen before, and at the same time it is practical and closes with a zipper. This bag is both exclusive and practical because it is spacious, beautiful and very useful for almost any occasion. The beautiful fox fur gives the bag a special colour play and the cutest shine, that the people around you will notice, even on distance. You can never go wrong with this bag! We cannot think of one situation where this bag will not have your bag.

In our selection of big shoulder bags, you can also find our very stylish Tote Bag, that is very nice with a stripe of Tibetan sheepskin wool. This makes our Tote bag something very special that other people will want too. This bag is very essential, if you wish to bring the nature into your wardrobe in a discrete but cool way, because it is simple in its design, but extremely amazing to look at with the stripe of Tibetan sheepskin, that almost looks like fairy hair, because of the extraordinary softness.  It is something very special because it is beautiful, simple, fun and daring at the same time. It simply has it all. Find our Tote bag in your favorite colour now. It is to die for!

A sustainable belt bag never fails

A belt bag is a total must have in any wardrobe, because it is both fashionable and very practical and easy to have with you on the run. We have both big and small belt bags, so you can find the perfect belt bag, that has everything you want and need. A belt bag is very modern, and it is a concept, that many people have gradually joined, which we fully understand because they are easy to wear and cool to style. We have added a new look to the belt bag with real fur! Besides that, our belt bags have everything you could ever dream of, because they are stylish and come in many colors. Furthermore, they are sustainable like alle of our other bags.

Our Roxanne belt bag come in two variants: a small made of rabbit fur, and a large Maxi Roxanne belt bag made of the softest sheepskin wool. This belt bag is good if you need a bag that can add a bit of edge to your outfit in an elegant but cool way. This bag can be styled up and down. Use it as a belt bag and give it a function as a practical and beautiful accessory or put it over your shoulder and give Roxanne a possibility to look sporty as a cross over bag for women. You can use Roxanne in the front and on your bag. Roxanne has beautiful details such as a nice belt and a zipper that can be seen.

belt bag fur

See all our beltbags by clicking here.

If you want an even more exclusive belt bag, that has the most ideal size, then you should take a look at our shiny Roxy Belt bag. Roxy is very luxurious because it is made of genuine, certified mink fur from Denmark. This bag is good for when you need to bring your most important items, but also if you are going to wear a nice outfit and want your sustainable bag to complete your outfit. This belt bag looks dangerously good with almost anything!

No night out without a fur clutch

There is no one who does not look perfect with one of our clutches! They are amazingly fashionable in their design and they come in many different colours, so you can find your brand-new sustainable clutch in your favorite colour. With one of our clutches, you will impress your friends and create a good atmosphere with a natural touch. It will be nothing less than perfect!

Our two large clutches, Maxi Elva clutch and Maxi Havana clutch, is extremely ideal if you have many important items, that you need to bring. With these two clutches you will have room for both makeup, phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and more. Maxi Elva is a very nice clutch made of the most beautiful fox fur. This fur gives the coolest colour play, that will shine in the dark at any dinner party.

lamb clutch

Get exclusive with a fur clutch. Find one here.

Our Maxi Havana is your new best friend, because it is made of the softest sheepskin wool from New Zealand. You will not be able to let go, when you get your own variant of this clutch in your hands. Style these clutches with one of our great fur scrunchies of mink – then you are ready for any occasion.

Beautiful toilet bags

These clutches are also great to use as a toilet bag. Especially our Maxi Havana Clutch is ideal for the purpose because the sheepskin is a bit shorter and not as smooth as the fox fur, that Maxi Elva is made of. There is room for most things, both makeup, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, cleansing products, day and night cream, and more. If you just love makeup, this clutch would also be the perfect makeup bag. You will not be able stop yourself from getting out of bed in the morning if you know that your new makeup bag or toilet bag is waiting for you. It will feel like a dream that lasts throughout the morning.

toilet bag

An exclusive fur bag

If you need a smaller bag, then you need to take a look at our super cute Minnie skin bag, that is very exclusive, because the shining mink fur gives an extraordinary look to the clutch. This clutch has a great size, so you can put your most important items in it if you need to go out. There is room for both you phone, keys and a smaller wallet. It is a true friend, that looks great with almost any dresses, shoes, jewelries, and anything else. This clutch comes in many colours, so we have made it possible for you to find a Minnie bag that fits perfectly into your wardrobe. Maybe you add the finishing touch to your outfit? Or maybe you think that you need something new and different? Then Minnie is an amazing place to start, because you can style it in the way you want to. The choice is all yours.

fur bag

Find this beauty by clicking here.

When that is said, we see no reason not to try one of our sustainable and beautiful bags. They have a lovely design and fit into any wardrobe, because they are stylish and they each have something special to offer. It is rare, that something good you do for yourself also helps others, but that is the case here. Embrace nature and treat yourself and the rest of the world by giving your new sustainable favorite bag in real fur a special place in your heart.

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