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Artikel: Decorate your home with Scandinavian design

Decorate your home with Scandinavian design

Decorate your home with Scandinavian design

At NATURES Collection you will find everything from decorative cushions to furniture that exudes Nordic charm and pure nature. With an interior decoration like that, you can feel at home, as these designs leave you with many options and complete freedom of choice to create your dream home. The natural look never fails. Explore the furry universe at NATURES Collection! 

Simplicity and a natural atmosphere

At NATURES Collection, we love Scandinavian and Nordic design. It has a simple but pure expression that will impress at any time. It is timeless and stylish to a degree that never fails. Clean lines and beautiful, natural materials always go hand in hand if you ask us. Therefore, our products are designed with inspiration from nature, so you feel calm and comfortable when you are surrounded by our products. It gives a feeling as if you were standing in the harmonious depths of the forest, on top of the mountains or at the water's edge on the beach.

sheepskin sofa

At NATURES Collection you will find products that are made of 100% natural materials. This is your opportunity to invite nature inside your home. All materials are selected with great care for sky-high quality, the perfect feeling, and the natural look, so you can expect a product that lives up to all your expectations and even more.

Soft and sustainable materials

You can achieve the Scandinavian home with Nordic charm and warmth with simple details. An example is the very lovely sheepskins, with which you can decorate almost all your furniture. By placing a sheepskin on each dining table chair, you achieve a natural and stylish look, but you can also enjoy the fantastic material, which exudes pure nature and exclusivity. When you sit on the sheepskin, you will feel the ultra-soft fur and the warmth. You will have a hard time getting up again, and you can never imagine your home without it.

rocking chair

This is just an example. You will be able to have the same experience with one or more fur cushions or our upholstered furniture. You can also see the hot water bottles with a simple design or our beautiful design rugs that never fail. 

What about a set of upholstered furniture?

One of the things we are especially proud of is our brand-new furniture set called Emily. This set offers a sofa and a lounge chair and a matching footstool. The furniture has legs made of oak or walnut depending on your preferences, and it is upholstered with certified sheepskin from New Zealand. The furniture set exudes everything we stand for - clean lines and pure nature. The furniture set is suitable for being placed together as a unit, but they can easily stand alone as well. This allows you to enjoy the furniture in different ways.

sheepskin furniture

A sustainable home

Did you know that the materials we work with are sustainable? We choose all our materials with the environment in mind. We get much of our fur from the meat industry, where the skin is a typical by-product to the production of meat. In this way, the waste of resources is reduced and the whole animal is used.

Get a Scandinavian interior with one or more products from NATURES Collection. We love the way nature can shine through in a home and create the perfect atmosphere with a stylish and timeless design. Find all your favorites and get your dream home today!

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