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Artikel: Did you know that natural sheepskins can biodegrade themselves?

Did you know that natural sheepskins can biodegrade themselves?
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Did you know that natural sheepskins can biodegrade themselves?

Natural sheepskin, and natural fur in general, are incredibly sustainable materials, although too few are aware of it. All our sheepskins have been selected with great care, so that the materials live up to our strict requirements for quality and sustainability. That is why you will get a sheepskin of the highest quality, which is also environmentally friendly, when you buy a sheepskin from us. You have every reason to go the natural way and choose real fur products instead of alternatives, such as faux fur, which pollutes and is far less sustainable. This is verified by a new study, conducted by Organic Waste Systems in Belgium, that compares how biodegradable natural fur is, compared to faux fur. Read this blog and find out why natural fur is the right choice!

Natural sheepskins are the best

A huge advantage in real fur, like our beautiful sheepskin, is that the material is extremely durable and hardwearing by nature. How can that be? Well, the fur has adapted to the raw climate over time, when the sheep was alive. The material has, in other words, been exposed to a bit of everything when it comes to wind and weather. You can enjoy this naturalness when you buy your own, natural sheepskin, or any other fur product. Do not hesitate to use your natural sheepskin every single day forever, if not several times a day. You can make use of it both indoors and outdoors without worrying.

This is one of the many reasons why we love natural sheepskin rather than chemically made materials, which do not have the same qualities at all. Faux fur does not have the same natural properties or durability as natural sheepskin. This will become visible and clear after only a short time of use, as the fur will become unnatural, worn out and thin. You will definitely not come across this with a natural sheepskin.

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It's pretty simple: Buy natural sheepskin instead of faux fur, that does not last as long as natural materials. It is much more eco-friendly to buy natural sheepskins, as it is initially very polluting to produce sheepskins made of faux fur, but it is even worse for the environment if you repeatedly have to replace your sheepskins because they quickly become more and more ugly. Therefore, we suggest that you buy a real sheepskin from the beginning, so that you do not have to replace it over and over again.

Help reduce waste

One of the things we at NATURES Collection care about is that all our natural materials are sustainable. We get our sheepskins from the meat industry, where the beautiful skins are a typical by-products of the meat production. It would be a shame to let such a usable and versatile material go to waste by throwing it out when we can use the soft fur for exclusive items for both the home and the wardrobe.

By buying natural sheepskins, you can help reduce waste of resources and thereby give the environment a helping hand. It is not often that you can do something good for yourself and for the environment at the same time, but here you have the obvious opportunity. Enjoy the natural qualities that real sheepskin has to offer, with a clear conscience as well. 

Natural fur can, in fact, bio-degrade itself

Did you know that real sheepskin and natural fur in general are biodegradable?sheepskinThe experiment has investigated how natural fur and faux fur degrade under conditions set up to simulate landfill conditions, so-called anaerobic biodegradation. This is a decomposition process of organic matter that is conducted without oxygen. The experiment lasted for 30 days, which under normal conditions corresponds to between 4 and 40 years.

The results could not be clearer. Scary enough, it turned out that the faux fur was completely unchanged, while the natural fur managed to degrade itself regardless of whether the fur was natural or coloured. The only thing that happened to the chemically produced fur was that it changed its colours a bit.

The results are clear: natural fur is self-degrading while faux fur, just as any other types of plastic waste that tends to harm the environment, are not biodegradable. In fact, the study showed that real fur and sheepskins are as biodegradable as anything as natural as oak and willow leaves. It's amazing!

Many people mistakenly believe that faux fur is a good and sustainable alternative to real fur, but this is not the case at all. Not only is it extremely polluting and CO2-emitting to produce faux fur, because it is made from fossil fuels, it can also not degrade itself in a natural environment like real fur and skins. Faux fur made from recycled plastic is also not a more sustainable alternative to real fur.

We believe in animal welfare!

Fur opponents have been very critical of our choice of natural materials, because they have animal welfare at heart. We understand this issue, as the welfare of the animals also means a lot to us at NATURES Collection. Therefore, we make sure that the use of our materials does not threaten the survival of the species, and we make sure that the animals have not suffered during the killing. These conditions are taken very seriously in the modern fur industry and there is strict control around it. In addition, it is important to us that the animals have received good nutrition and proper care throughout their lives. This is of course an ethically way to do it, but it also produces the most beautiful furs with a very high quality.

In addition, we can not emphasize enough that all our sheepskins are by-products of the meat industry, which is why the fur also serves an important purpose by using the animal to the fullest.

As Mark Oaten, Executive Director of the International Fur Federation, states, ethics and animal protection lose their relevance if the ecosystem in which the animals live is destroyed by, among other things, plastic fur. We completely agree.

Therefore, we see it as our mission to inform the general public about this difference between real fur and faux fur. In addition, we take pride in finding the best sheepskins with the best history and selling them at prices that everyone can afford. In our collection, you will find sheepskins in several different sizes, colors, origins and much more. Find the perfect sheepskin for yourself today and see our large collection of natural sheepskins here.

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