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Artikel: Exclusive gift ideas for him or her

Exclusive gift ideas for him or her

Exclusive gift ideas for him or her

There is always a perfect occasion give a lovely present, that, without doubts, will make one of your loved ones very happy. If it is not a birthday, then there is Christmas, Valentine’s day, mothers- and Father’s Day or maybe you just think that your friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, grandmother, sister, brother, father, mother or someone else, deserves to be spoiled a bit extra with a luxurious and sustainable gift. Furthermore, there are weddings, baptisms, confirmations and more. If you have a hard time finding the perfect present, then you get the answer among our range of sustainable gift ideas. We present 10 amazing, natural ideas for presents, that almost anyone would love to get.

Mink scrunchie

What is more exclusive than a scrunchie made of real mink fur? It is the perfect gift, no matter the age of the recipient, because the mink scrunchie has an outstandingly luxurious, but simple, and sustainable look, that fits into almost any wardrobe. So, if you know a nice girl, who you think deserves a lovely gift for her birthday or confirmation, this this is a very safe choice.

It is very special and timeless, which is why it is a safe gift to give! Besides that, the fur scrunchie comes in a great selection of colors, that all oozes of exclusivity because of the soft and glistening mink fur, that gives a beautiful play of colors, that can seem almost enchanting in its looks. Furthermore, this is the obvious choice if you need to get a present for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day, because what says “I love you” more than a lovely, natural and very elegant scrunchie of the softest mink fur? That is hard to say.   

mink hair band

Find a scrunchie in your favorite color right here.

Besides, this fur scrunchie can be used in more ways. Put it around the wrist and wear it as a bracelet. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Slippers of real sheepskin for her 

Is it soon your friend’s, sister’s, girlfriend’s, cousin’s, daughter’s or mother’s birthday, and are you having doubts about what her wishes are? Then you cannot fail with a pair of our very comfortable and natural slippers, that is both comfotable and fashionable and the same time. Our slippers are made of the softest genuine sheepskin fur from New Zealand, which is why they appear extremely exclusive and luxurious.

Our slippers come in more colors, so you can choose the ones that match the lucky girl or woman the best. If you are having doubts then do not fear, because we have made all colors beautiful and elegant, so you cannot choose a wrong pair no matter what color you go with. This involves both our popular Cross slippers and our beautiful Strap slippers.  

This is the perfect gift for the girlfriend, because it may be something she does not even know that she misses. As soon as she gets a pair of slippers around her feet, she will, without doubts, be unable to imagine a Sunday morning without.

Maybe you have a daughter, that just loves pink? Then she should be spoiled with a pair of our lovely Cross slippers, that come in the most beautiful pink color. This is any girl’s dream.  

fur slippers

See all our soft fur slippers here.

Perhaps you know a friendly gentleman, that deserves to be spoiled a bit? Do not miss our slippers for men, that are made of genuine sheepskin material, which is the perfect gift for the man, that has everything.     

Fur clutch

If you do not know what to get for your girlfriend, mother, sister or good friend, because it seems as she already has everything, then surprise her with a present, that she did not know she wished for. One of our sustainable and totally fashionable clutches of genuine fur is impossible not to fall completely in love with. Regardless of what she likes, this will for sure make the top of the list of the best gift she will ever receive.

You could try our Maxi Havana clutch, that is made of the most beautiful and softest certified sheepskin fur from New Zealand. Furthermore, it comes in many lovely colors, so you have any opportunity of finding the one best fitted for the lucky girl or woman.

If you think of a more exclusive clutch, you should definitely take a look at our Minnie skin bag of certified mink from Denmark. This clutch has a front with glistening mink fur and a back of the softest leather. Any woman would, without doubt, feel appreciated by receiving a super elegant clutch such as our Minnie skin bag.

Besides that, our Maxi Elva clutch is also an extremely lovely bag of certified raccoon fur from USA, that fits well into any woman’s wardrobe.

This is also a gift that fits any age. Grandmother would love a clutch like this for when she is going out for dinner, and your mother would also appreciate a beautiful and exclusive clutch for a night out with her girlfriends. Maybe you know a teenage daughter or girlfriend, that also could use getting a bit spoiled? In that case, this would be the perfect gift! 

fur bag

See our big collection of fur bags right here.

Hot water bottle

Do you know a person who you think deserves a hug, that never ends? Our hot water bottle with a cover of genuine fur is exactly that. It is the perfect present for him or her, who you wish to spoil a bit extra than usual.

There is a great selection of hot-water bottles, that you can choose between. We have covers of genuine rabbit fur and sheepskin from New Zealand, that also comes in shorthaired sheepskin and shorthaired curly sheepskin. Besides that, there is a variant made of the softest Moccasin. No matter what, one thing is for sure – all of our covers are sustainable and natural.  

With this hot water bottle you can be sure, that the lucky one can feel relaxed and comfy at any time, because this hot-water bottle will be his or her new and ultrasoft best friend on the grey and dull rainy days.

hot water bottle

Find our hot water bottles and other home accessories right here.

Gloves of genuine skin

If you have no idea what your father or mother wants for his or her birthday, then this is a choice that can make anyone happy. Besides that, this is the ideal present for Christmas, so the lucky man or woman is ready for winter season.  

We have a great selection of the loveliest skin gloves in a fashionable design, that fits into any wardrobe. A pair of our Kendall gloves with genuine mink fur are both exclusive and luxurious in its looks, and they have all what a woman wants, because they are beautiful and extremely soft. Our Kate gloves are also a great choice, because they are simple with beautiful details. They come in two lovely colors, brown and black. They are of very high quality, so there will be no doubts that you have been thoughtful while buying this present.

Besides that, a pair of skin gloves is the perfect birthday present for a man that you care about, because it is something any man deserves! For example, our Leonardo gloves, that is made of the softest deer skin and has the greatest details, such as sewing on the back of the hand. This gives the glove both form and a bit of edge.

skin gloves

We have many different kinds of gloves made of real sheepskin or deerskin.

See them here.

Shopper bag

Do you know a lovely girl or woman, who really wishes for a new bag? Then you should look at our luxurious range of shopper bags, that are perfect for both work, a trip to the city with friends or for school. Our bags are 100% natural, and they are a very fashionable and sustainable choice, which is why it is the perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for her.

Lok for example at our Maxi Glory shopper, that is extremely soft, because it is made of the most beautiful sheepskin from New Zealand, or our Tote bag, that has the loveliest detail with a piece of curly sheepskin from Tibet, that any girl will fall in love with. This is a safe bet if you want to surprise our girlfriend or friend, mother or daughter with the perfect gift. 

shopper bag

See all our amazing shopper bags right here.


A sheepskin is without doubt a gift, that you can buy for any occasion and for anyone, because it is a luxurious and sustainable present, that can bring joy to almost any home. Do not fear that this is not a personal gift. Our sheepskins are 100% natural, which also means that no sheepskin is completely the same, and the sheepskin you buy will be very unique because there is no sheepskin like it. This is part of the charm of our beautiful sheepskins.

Perfect gift for a person that misses something for the interior decoration in the home. What is more perfect than a pink sheepskin in a girl’s room? It is hard to say. It must be any girl’s dream coming true if you ask us.


Fur keychain

Do you have to get your mother a present? Then you should see our exclusive keychains of genuine fur. Especially if she has a lot of keys, she would appreciate a present like this, because she will never forget or lose her keys again! 

Our keychains are of extremely high quality, because they are made of 100% genuine fur. Take a look at our mink keychains, that furthermore are unbelievably beautiful, because the mink fur gives a shiny and glistening look to the keychain, and it makes it look even more luxurious. Our keychains are so beautiful that it would be like giving a piece of jewellery. This is a great opportunity to bring nature into her wardrobe – and who doesn’t like that?

When she opens this present and gets to hold the keychain in her hands, she will find it very hard to let it go. That is for sure!

fur keyring

Find a fun, beautiful and soft keyring right here.

Sheepskin cushion

If you have no idea what he or she wishes for Christmas or his or her birthday then a sheepskin cushion is the obvious choice! They come in a lot of different beautiful designs and colors, so you can find the perfect one(s).  

Sheepskin cushions are both a beautiful detail to the interior decoration, but it is also a very comfy gift, because they are super soft and very exclusive with genuine sheepskin fur. For example, our cushions of Tibetan sheepskin, which is known for its beautiful curly sheepskin fur, that is so soft that it might be mistaken for a fairy’s hair. You can be sure to be surprised in a positive way with one of our sheepskin cushions.

sheepskin fur pillows

You can find our big collection of fur pillows right here. 

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