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Artikel: Find the perfect gift

Find the perfect gift

Find the perfect gift

There is always a reason to give a gift to someone you care about. If it's not a birthday, then it is Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's or Father's Day. Maybe a personal anniversary or occasion is just around the corner, or maybe you just think that your friend, girlfriend, grandmother, sister, brother, father, mother or yourself deserve to be spoiled with a luxurious and sustainable gift? At NATURES Collection you can find a wide selection of lovely items made of 100% natural materials.

In this guide, we have chosen 6 perfect gift ideas for every occasion. There is something for everyone and in different price ranges, so you have the opportunity to find just the right gift for the lucky one.


A sheepskin is a gift that you can give to anyone, as it is a luxurious and sustainable gift that will bring joy to any home. A genuine sheepskin is the perfect gift for several reasons. First of all, a genuine sheepskin can have many different functions. It can be placed over a chair, a couch, the bed or an ottoman or bench, but many also enjoy using it as a beautiful rug in front of the TV or next to the bed.

Many people also enjoy that a genuine sheepskin can be used all year round, because it can be taken outside during spring and summer, and because it can easily be brought with you if you are going away for a weekend.

The good thing about sheepskins from NATURES Collection is that they are 100% natural. No sheepskins are the same, and the sheepskin you give to the lucky man or woman, boy or girl will be very unique, as there is no other sheepskin identical. It is both incredibly exclusive and part of the charm of our natural sheepskin.


We have a large selection of sheepskins, short-haired sheepskins and long-haired sheepskins. We have sheepskins from New Zealand, Tibet, Iceland and more, in different price ranges, so you have plenty of opportunity to choose just the right one. At NATURES Collection you can find sheepskins in the price range between DKK 749 to DKK 3,499. You have possibilities to choose the perfect skin in the right price range!

In addition, our sheepskins come in several natural colors, which can give a beautiful and stylish look to the home. In addition, we also offer sheepskins, which are dyed so that the fur is uniform in color and can be found in a vibrant color that can bring life to any home. What is more perfect than a pink sheepskin for the girl's room? It really must be any girl's dream come true if you ask us!

Slippers made of genuine fur 

Does your friend, sister, girlfriend, cousin, daughter or mother have a birthday soon, and are you not quite sure what she wishes for? Then we have the perfect idea! Our amazing fur slippers are both beautiful in its design and incredibly comfortable to wear.

Our slippers are made of the softest genuine sheepskin fur from New Zealand, which is why they appear extremely exclusive and luxurious. The fur is just as soft as it looks, and the warmth that surrounds the feet is almost impossible to live without once you step into a pair of our slippers.

Our slippers come in several colours, so you can choose the perfect pair. There is a selection of natural colors, but you can also choose a pair of beautiful green or pink slippers.

Remember to see our Lilly Cross slippers, which have just arrived in two new colours; taupe and teddy brown. This pair of slippers is also an absolutely fantastic choice because they have a solid cork sole which provides good support and which makes the model perfect for outdoor use for summer and spring.


This is the perfect gift for the girlfriend as it might not even be something she knows she is missing. As soon as she gets a pair of slippers on her feet, she will not be able to imagine a Sunday morning without them. Maybe you have a daughter who is crazy about pink? Treat her with a pair of our cross slippers, which come in the loveliest pink color. It is every girl's dream.

At NATURES Collection you can also find a nice pair of slippers for men, which are made of high-quality leather lined with ultra-soft and warm sheepskin fur. Look at all our shoes and slippers here.

Hot water bottles

Do you know someone who deserves a hug that never stops? This is where our hot-water bottle with a genuine fur cover comes into the picture. It is the perfect gift for him or her that you want to treat a little extra.

There is a large selection of hot-water bottles that you can choose from. We have covers made of genuine rabbit fur and New Zealand sheepskin fur. This cover also comes in shorthair sheepskin and shorthair curly sheepskin. There is also a variation made of the softest moccasin. One thing is sure – all variants are sustainable and 100% natural.


We especially love our newest hot-water bottle! Our Leaf Moccasin cover hot-water bottle has a beautiful cover with a pattern that really manages to add the finishing touch.

A hot-water bottle is not only perfect for keeping someone warm, but it is also a beautiful, decorative feature for the interior decoration. This makes the hot-water bottle the perfect gift. With a hot-water bottle, you are sure that the lucky person can feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. A hot-water bottle will become like a new and soft best friend on the grey and rainy days.

What about natural fur cushions?

If you are having doubts about what he or she wants for Christmas or a birthday, then a sheepskin cushion is the perfect choice! They come in a range of beautiful designs and colors, so you can find just the right one.

A sheepskin cushion is a beautiful detail for the interior decoration but also a comfortable gift, because it is super soft and exclusive with the genuine sheepskin fur. See, for example, our Tibetan sheepskin cushions, which are characterized by the beautiful curly sheepskin fur, which is so soft and shiny that it could be mistaken for fairy hairs.


Some of our latest sheepskin cushions have a beautiful design with stylish colors and unique patterns that can give the finishing touch to the interior decoration. Here, it is our PATTERN Collection in particular that we are talking about.

Make your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or friend incredibly happy by giving them the opportunity to have a natural and soft interior decoration. What makes our cushions special is their stylish and natural design, which is inspired by nature. They offer a look that is both natural, fun, and different.

The perfect bag is made of natural materials

Do you know someone who could use a new item for the wardrobe? In that case, a bag made of genuine mink fur is a really good choice, if you ask us. At NATURES Collection you will find two bags made of certified mink fur from Denmark, the highest quality. Therefore, these bags are something very special and unique, which can add pure nature to the wardrobe.

On our website you are offered bags and clutches. It is a beautiful and elegant item. You can also find stylish belt bags called, ideal for both practical purposes and more formal events.

Certified mink fur is an exclusive, natural material, which is characterized by having a glossy surface with soft and smooth hairs that give the fur a shiny and characteristic look. It catches the eye, and when you see the fur, you have no doubts that it is a high-quality luxurious material!


An exclusive pouf or bean bag

Are you a group of people who want to get together for a more exclusive gift, or do you know someone who really deserves a luxurious item to the home? Here we suggest taking a look at our impressive collection of poufs and bean bags, which are upholstered with 100% natural sheepskin.

Our poufs come in many different versions. This applies both when it comes to fur type, size and color. In our collection there are poufs in box shape and cylinder shape and the models come in different sizes, so that the perfect pouf can be found. In addition, some poufs have long-haired sheepskin, while others have short-cut, curly sheepskin, which gives the pouf a soft and stylish look. We also offer exclusive poufs with a glossy surface, as the fur is cut to a length of 12 mm. It is called moccasin sheepskin.


A luxurious bean bag with genuine sheepskin fur can bring nature into the living room, as it exudes pure nature and exclusivity. A bean bag will become something very special in any home. This is partly because both children and adults will be able to enjoy the soft and natural materials. In addition, a nice bean bag brings the family together and form the perfect seating area around the coffee table.


These were our 6 suggestions for a perfect gift. At NATURES Collection you can find many other good suggestions, which can also make the perfect gift. Therefore, we recommend taking a look at our collection before you decide. One thing is for sure, and that is that all items are natural, sustainable, and fantastic in both look and quality. What more could you ask for?

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