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Artikel: GREEN WEEK at NATURES Collection



At NATURES Collection, sustainability and respect for the environment are two essential goals that we are constantly striving to achieve. We are constantly designing new processes that make our production both efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Black Friday is a concept that invites mass consumption and thus mass production of products that are mostly made of synthetic materials that are cheap to produce.

At NATURES Collection, sustainability plays a big role and it is thought into both the design process, production and distribution. Therefore, Black Friday in this view is not something we want to encourage. It is simply contrary to our core values.

Our ambition and vision is to provide sustainable alternatives to our consumer, so that in this way we help to limit mass production of textiles that are a danger to the environment. Therefore, Black Friday as a concept is not something we want to participate in. Instead, we present GREEN WEEK, which is a week where we focus on sustainability and provide inspiration on how to live more sustainable. 

sustainable fur

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We want to encourage you to invest more sustainably in materials and designs that are created to last forever. Fill your wardrobe and your home with materials you can vouch for. Materials that do something good for the conscience and for the environment. 

A piece of fur from NATURES Collection contains a wide range of notable qualities.

The fur is sustainable because it is a waste product from meat production in selected countries, which is recycled into something useful.

It is also sustainable in the sense that it can be used indefinitely unlike other artificial textiles that do not last for more than a few years.

Fur is a material that comes from nature and therefore it can degrade itself if left back in nature. In other words, no resources will be spent on destroying the material if this becomes necessary. Read more about how sustainable fur really is by clicking here.

When the fur or skin is to be used as a rug, jacket or other, it must of course be treated. You can do this in many ways, and at NATURES Collection, all materials are treated without harmful chemicals that manipulate the natural fur and its durability. 

Most of our styles are made of sheepskin and it is simply because it is a fantastic material. It is durable, soft, easy to work with and also easy to clean and maintain. Read how to easily care for or clean your sheepskin by clicking here.


Fur products from NATURES Collection are quality products that have been well thought out with a focus on sustainability and convenience from the first drawing.

We hope you are ready to commit to the idea of ​​GREEN WEEK instead of BLACK WEEK and we look forward to inspiring as many as possible to live and invest more sustainably.

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