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Artikel: Have you seen our new collection of fur jackets for women?

Have you seen our new collection of fur jackets for women?

Have you seen our new collection of fur jackets for women?

Make a great choice and upgrade your wardrobe with a beautiful fur jacket for women. Among our selection you will find brand new styles that are ready to surprise you and everyone around you with a stylish design and luxurious materials. Invite nature into your wardrobe and enjoy the warmth and elegance that our new styles can offer. We have a wide selection of different types of fur coats, so there for sure is one or more of our beautiful jackets that you will fall in love with. Find your new favorite jacket among our new styles and treat yourself and your wardrobe immediately. You deserve it. 

Biker jackets of fur

Something quite unique and very special that a couple of our new fur jackets have to offer is the fantastic and raw biker look that is very popular. Both Annalon and Lilou combine the soft and warm look from the sheepskin fur with the raw and cool look that characterizes the biker jacket. This comes from beautiful details such as buckles, zippers, and a large collar. It is fantastic. It is an elegant and warm biker jacket, and it is perfect for you if you want to stand out a bit. The mint color gives the jackets a bit of an edge and a rounded look. With these jackets, several worlds are combined into one. It's everything you can dream of if you do not want to do like everyone else!


Find our biker jackets by clicking here.

Long fur coats

Among our new styles you will find a wide range of long fur coats, which have a versatile look. See for example Donna of genuine sheepskin, or our very exclusive mink coat, Hilda. Both jackets have a stylish and elegant design that you can take with you everywhere. These are just two of our new, long coats, and there are many more. Find your favorite now.

long fur coat

See our amazing long fur coats here.

Down jackets

if you are looking for a down jacket with fur, then look no further. We have several jackets with goose down and fur, for example Lori or Mikala. Lori is a short jacket with lambskin details, which has a sporty and nice look. This jacket comes in different colors, and it can be styled up and down as needed. Mikala, on the other hand, is a long down coat that has a large hood with Norwegian fox fur. It gives a natural and elegant look to the beautiful down. In addition, you should have no doubts about whether these jackets can keep you warm because it is simply impossible to freeze when wearing goose down.

 coat of goose down and fur

You can find our new jackets of goose down here.

Sustainable design with fur

With our new styles we have gone for an exclusive look, that anyone can wear, and the designs of our fur coats are characterized by minimalism and a natural beautiful, Nordic design. The fur adds a warm and natural look which is preferable for winter. It looks luxurious and elegant, and it gives any jacket a bit of edge which makes it something very special. Our fur jackets for women are simple, stylish, natural, and exclusive. Take a look and fall in love!

At NATURES Collection, we love all kinds of fur and the different things you can do with it, and this also applies to our new jackets and coats. Among our new styles you will find everything from ultra-soft high-quality sheepskin to certified mink fur from Denmark. In addition, we absolutely love using raccoon and fox fur for details, because gives an amazing touch of nature to any jacket.

 sheepskin coat

At NATURES Collection, we work with timeless designs, so that your new fur coat always looks stylish and modern, and you will without doubt ooze of both confidence and elegance when you wear one of our new fur jackets for women.

Different types of fur do well in different ways, and we have taken that into account when it comes to our brand-new fur jackets. Every design is well thought out down to the smallest detail, so the coat is highlighted in the best way, and the beautiful design and naturalness come into focus. It creates an exclusive and beautiful look that you do not want to miss. Wear one of our new jackets and get an enchanting feeling of nature and confidence. You will surely have a hard time taking the fur coat off once you have felt it between your hands, and for good reason!

High quality jackets for every taste

We select all our skins and furs with great consideration, so you can choose your new fur jacket between the finest and very best quality on the market. When we choose the materials, we want to work with, we do it with an eye for quality, looks and sustainability. This also applies to our new jackets of fur, as the natural material and the sky-high quality will be visible from a long distance and felt immediately.

As our materials are of the highest quality, you are guaranteed a fur jacket that is long lasting, and you will therefore be able to use it time, after time, year after year, without signs of wear. Therefore, you will never regret having bought one of our new and beautiful fur jackets.

 jacket of goose down and fur

Whether you are into short fur coats with a sporty look and a hood, or you are looking for an elegant coat with fur details and belt around the waist, it is to be found among our new fur coats. There is something for every taste and occasion, so you are covered at any time. It's perfect.

Also, look at our jackets with goose down, which offer a great warmth and a cool look. These jackets are both practical and stylish, so they can be worn for any purpose. The oversized fit is perfect for you if you want to challenge the classic look with something different. Here is your chance.

If you want a jacket that can be used for a bit of everything, then it is good that our new jackets can be styled up and down with beautiful winter accessories. Choose a lovely hat with a beautiful tassel of raccoon fur or see our nice leather gloves, which now come in even more colors. There are many options, and the choice is entirely up to you. Maybe a pair of warm boots or sneakers from our selection can make the difference?

Meet the winter season with a smile

If you freeze easily and every year face a huge challenge because of the biting wind and the cold temperatures that are characteristic for winter, then you should no longer look for the perfect solution. Our fur coats can keep the heat inside and the cold outside. Fur is heat-regulating and therefore manages to have a warming effect when it is cold.

Not only do you never have to freeze again, but you can also be sure that you will feel stunningly beautiful and elegant every time you put on your new fur coat. This is due to the exclusive fur and the stylish design that you will never go wrong in the city with. It does not get much better than that.

Find out which of our new designs that can meet all your needs and more! We are sure that you will fall in love with more of our new styles, as they have a timeless design and are made of high-quality fur. It is both natural and exclusive! Treat yourself with a jacket that you can use time after time and feel more beautiful with each passing day. It is fantastic!

 goose down coat

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