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Artikel: How to choose the perfect sheepskin

How to choose the perfect sheepskin

How to choose the perfect sheepskin

Natural sheepskins are very popular, and they come in many different shapes, origins and colors. One of the reasons why they are so popular, is simply because there is a lot of them in this world. For instance, in New Zealand there are approximately 10 times as many sheep as there are people. Many of these sheep are being used for both their wool and meat. But they are never bred for their skin. The natural sheepskin, that we receive, is like a bonus-leftover, that we use for the amazing natural sheepskins in our homes.

Natural sheepskin

A natural sheepskin is very versatile and can be used as decoration and comfort in your home, office, garden, Clinique, salon, daycare and much more. In this article we wish to focus on YOU and how you find the perfect sheepskin, that suits your specific needs.

A sheepskin can and should be a personal treat. It is a comfortable, luxurious, beautiful, natural rug, that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

To make it easy for you, we are about to show you the 6 different types of natural  sheepskin you can find at NATURES Collection. They are all different in so many ways and have their own unique qualities.

The Beautiful One - New Zealand sheepskin

The most common and popular natural sheepskin is the one from New Zealand. It comes in two different variants; long wool and short wool. The long wool sheepskin is strong and has a great capacity and uniformity in hair length. The long wool sheepskin is available in many different colors and both the long and short wool is easily maintained. The short hair sheepskin has a dense and slightly curled wool. This wool is very strong and resistant towards filth.

New Zealand sheepskin makes a very beautiful skin, that brings a soft look no matter where you put it. If you need a beautiful and exclusive skin, that adds a soft touch to your interior, the New Zealand sheepskin is the right choice for you. The New Zealand sheepskin is also used to make our popular baby skin, that is made for infants and small children.

newzealand sheepskin

Click here and see our selection of New Zealand sheepskin.


The Rough One - Icelandic sheepskin

In Iceland, the climate is sometimes very rough, and the sheep has to be protected from all the wind, snow, hail and rain. You can tell, when you see an Icelandic sheepskin, that it is very hard-wearing, because it has adapted to the Icelandic climate. The Icelandic sheepskin comes in both long and short wool. The long wool has a rustic and natural look and the hairs are 15-20 cm long. The short wool has a Nordic and raw look. The inner, short fur helps keep the sheep warm and protects the skin from humidity. This gives the skin the rustic look. An Icelandic sheepskin is white by nature, which makes it ideal for coloring. At NATURES Collection we have Icelandic sheepskin in natural colors, because it suits the raw and Nordic look much better than pink or blue.

The Icelandic sheepskin can be used for many purposes, and the roughness of it makes it ideal for use outside as well as inside. The rustic look is very Nordic and will definitely make your home or interior even more Nordic, if that is what you seek.

Icelandic sheepskin

Click here and see our selection of Icelandic sheepskin.


The Pretty One - Tibetan Sheepskin

The fluffy and very soft and natural sheepskin from Tibetan is a characteristic sheepskin. With its signature silky, long, slight curls it brings a soft and playful look to any interior. The Tibetan sheepskin stands out and will be a noticeable addition to your interior. It invites you into natural luxury with its very soft and feminine curls. At NATURES Collection you can get a Tibetan sheepskin in a large variety of colors and a fun addition to this natural sheepskin is, that its beautiful shine changes the shade of the color, when it is placed in different lighting. 

The Tibetan sheepskin is commonly used in the home to create a warm and soft look. With a variety of colors, the possibilities with this sheepskin are endless. With a sheepskin from Tibet, you bring some fun and comfort into your home or interior, so why not give it a try?

tibetan sheepskin

Click here and see our selection of Tibetan sheepskin. 

The Strong One - Gotlandic Sheepskin

This sheepskin from Gotland is a short hair sheepskin with a curly and hard-wearing wool. The beautiful curls and the relatively thin wool give the skin a slim look. A Gotlandic sheepskin has a natural grey color, which is very rare. Another thing is, that no Gotlandic sheepskins look alike, because they are never colored. The sheepskin can also be used outside, because of the strong fibres in it.

A Gotlandic sheepskin adds a rustic charm to any interior at the raw look makes it look very natural and rough. This natural sheepskin is perfect both for the inside and outside, but it is all natural, which means, that you cannot find it in artificial colours at NATURES Collection.

gotlandic sheepskin

Click here and see our selection of Gotlandic sheepskin. 

The Charming One - Austrian Sheepskin

The Austrian sheep live in the valleys and mountains where their wool has to endure a lot of rain, hail and snow. This makes the wool and fur dense and curly. The curly natural sheepskin is beautiful and strong at the same time and has a unique charm. The skin is a bit thicker than the other kinds of sheepskin, because of the strong and knobby wool. An Austrian sheepskin has natural patterns and nuances created by nature and many of them have a yellow tone, because it is discolored over time by the big amount of rain it endures. This gives the sheepskin a special and charming appearance.

Even though the Austrian sheepskin is strong, it still has a beautiful and charming look, that makes it stand out in any interior. The thick wool makes it a very comfortable sheepskin, that can add some extra warmth and comfort to your everyday life.

austrian sheepskin

Click here and see our selection of Austrian sheepskin.

The Soft One - English Sheepskin

We do not have many UK sheepskins at NATURES Collection, but those we do have, are simply the best quality. A natural sheepskin from the UK has a dense and soft coat with thin hairs, which gives it a soft wool. The sheep live in the mild weather in the UK, which makes the fur naturally straight and gives it a natural light or brown color. 

A natural sheepskin from the UK is very soft and simple and many uses it for their children. It is perfect for the crib, pram or activity blanket. It is, of course, also perfect for adult purposes like a warm and comfortable skin for the chair or couch.

Click here and see our selection of UK sheepskin.


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