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Artikel: How to get a stylish and sustainable wardrobe

How to get a stylish and sustainable wardrobe
animal rights

How to get a stylish and sustainable wardrobe

Do you also want a fashionable and sustainable wardrobe? If you fill your closet with natural materials like Tibetan sheepskin and sheepskin from NATURES Collection, you will fulfil this wish, but you will also enter the discussion on whether natural fur or faux fur is the right choice. It is often really a question of, what is most important to you. To those who buy faux fur, animal rights are the issue.

But is it really that simple?

A significant factor, that is often left out in this matter, is the question; how important is sustainability in relation to animal welfare? What is it that we really need to protect and who says that the production of natural fur does not consider the rights of the animals?

Think, before you buy a faux fur jacket

Sustainability is on everybody’s lips these days and this is something we notice in the fur industry. Too many it is about saving the planet from alle of the environmental effects we inflict on it ourselves. This is a very important matter for many people, because in the end, it is crucial for our own survival. To take care of the planet earth we have to prioritize and use the natural materials, like Gotlandic sheepskins or fur, that can biodegrade itself in nature or be reused. This is just like the natural food chain. Many animal- and plant species produce way too many offspring than their habitat can carry.

Therefore, the weak species are used as nutrition for the strong species. It might sound harsh for some, but it creates a natural flow, that humans should not interfere with, just because it provokes our common understanding and culture. 

What is sustainability to NATURES Collection?

This is why we at NATURES Collection choose to focus on animal welfare and sustainability, when we produce products of fur and sheepskin. The core in our view is, that nature gives us the materials we need, without taking advantage of the essential resources. In other words, we respect natures ecosystem, and we use the resources it gives us.

NATURES Collection and the fur industry supports sustainable development and the necessary battle against climate change.

 fur vest


You can learn more about fur and how sustainable it is by clicking here.

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