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Artikel: Meet your new best friend – a hot-water bottle with a cover of real fur

Meet your new best friend – a hot-water bottle with a cover of real fur

Meet your new best friend – a hot-water bottle with a cover of real fur

At NATURES Collection you will find a large selection of products from all over the world for the home and wardrobe that you can enjoy. Not only will you be pleased with one of our products, but we also have a feeling that it will get a special place in your heart in a very short time. This is our fantastic hot water bottle with a cover of 100% natural and furry materials.

These hot-water bottles will be there for you through thick and thin - like a best friend! Read more about NATURES Collection’s hot water bottles here and let yourself fall completely in love with nature and its amazing properties. This is also the perfect gift.

hot water bottle for back pain

Hot water bottle of natural materials

At NATURES Collection, we work with different materials which are 100% natural. This also applies to our magic hot-water bottle, which comes to your rescue when you need extra warmth and security. We have different covers for our hot-water bottles, and they come in two types of fur - certified rabbit fur from Southern Europe and several types of sheepskin fur from New Zealand.

Rabbit fur is characterised by having a beautiful shine and an amazing softness that you can really benefit from when used as a cover for a hot-water bottle. The coat retains heat well, and you will especially have a hard time keeping your fingers away from the beautiful coat. It feels like the fur is melting between your fingers.

Our hot-water bottle with a fur cover of genuine sheepskin comes in different varieties depending on what you are most into. We have two hot-water bottles with moccasin sheepskin, which is New Zealand sheepskin fur that has been cut down to 12 mm. This gives the coat a glossy surface that is dense and ultra-soft at the same time.

hot water bottle in sheepskin

Our other variant of New Zealand sheepskin fur is also cut short, but a bit longer than moccasin, and it has the most beautiful natural curls that look both soft and warm.

Natural properties

The reason why fur is incredibly suitable for a hot-water bottle is that it has several natural properties from nature that you can enjoy. As the material is 100% natural, it has adapted to the nature over time, and this has made it both incredibly durable and long-lasting, but it has also made it a heat-regulating effect. This means that you do not have to hesitate to use your hot water bottle every day!  

Enjoy the warmth and soft touch

The hot water bottle can come to your rescue when the winter is lurking, and the temperature is dropping. Pamper yourself a little extra by filling the hot water bottle. If you are very cold, you can put the hot water bottle under the duvet before bedtime. Then it is nice and warm when you go to bed.

There are many good reasons to invest in one or more of our beautiful hot water bottles with a cover of fur. Treat yourself to a bit of nature - you will not regret it. 

Please note that we do not recommend filling the hot water bottle more than 70%. In addition, the water should not be more than 70 degrees, as you risk the pressure in the can becoming too high for it to burst. In this connection, you must also be careful not to put too much pressure on the hot water bottle for example by lying or sitting on it directly.

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