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Artikel: What is A Good Company?

What is A Good Company?

What is A Good Company?

Responsible, Sustainable, Lovable.

This is how A Good Company presents themselves and how they feel at good company should be.

A Good Company is a sustainable brand, located in Sweden. The company was founded In Stockholm in 2019 by CEO Anders Ankarlid and two friends. Since then, the company is present in 81 countries with 28 coworkers located across the globe. A Good company is not a corporate company, because they think the formalities and hierarchy is superficial. Instead, they have an informal working environment around the globe.


anders arnkalid
(From the left: Mikaela - Head of Brand, Anders - CEO, Martin - Engineer, Arvid - Linseed Farmer)
The organic farm where Agood Company gets the surplus of Arvid's linseed plants for their mobile cases.


Their products are plant based mobile cases made of organic linseed waste, personal care products, like toothbrushes and posters made from bamboo, water bottles made from Swedish recycled steel, notebooks made from stone paper and much more. 


a good company phone case

Why is A Good Company interesting for us? 

As NATURES Collection, A Good Company is fully committed to being 100% sustainable. Sustainability is not just an empty word to them, it really matters. They present themselves as a truly sustainable Swedish lifestyle brand. Like we do, the only difference is, that we are Danish.

One of the most important things for A Good Company is transparency. They make it simple for their customers around the world and promises to

  • Pick productions materials with the least environmental impact
  • Know their suppliers inside and out, to make sure they share the same values
  • Never use harmful chemicals in their production
  • Meticulously identify the potential environmental impact of all their operations and compensate for emissions resulting from shipping and travel.

This is very clear wherever you go on their website and, when you purchase a product, like their amazing phone cases, they show you how the emissions resulting from shipping is already compensated.



How do they compensate for emissions resulting from shipping?

In 2020 they launched the project A Good Foundation. A Good Foundation supports environmental and societal sustainability efforts across the globe. The foundation supports these efforts by donating 4 % of all net sales to the foundation. 

This way, they compensate for all the emissions that may be, when shipping products to their customers across the globe.

We are not perfect, but we are transparent 

Also, their website is transparent. Every detail about the production of their products is written down. Nothing is hidden because they have nothing to hide.

They have a clear mission, which is to transform mindless consumption into conscious decisions. Also, their vision is a society of mindful consumers, supporting the planet through a conscious lifestyle.

This is all very good, and NATURES Collection see a great potential in this company. We, ourselves, are a sustainable lifestyle brand and therefore we seek to support our colleagues across the precious planet.

So, take a look at their stunning website and invest 15 minutes of your time to be more aware of how you can implement good and sustainable habits in your everyday life, by using well thought out products from A Good Company.

a good phonecase

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