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Artikel: What is velour?

What is velour?

What is velour?

… and what does it have to do with sheepskin? 

Velour is a material that is made by combining different textiles. In this article, we will reveal to you why, for once, nature can learn something from the art of weaving.

What is velour and how is it made?

Velour comes from French and means velvet - and not by chance, because the fabric is not dissimilar to velvet. It has a silky-soft and shiny surface that is made from a mixture of cotton and plastic.

Additional loops are woven into the base material and then cut open so that the fine threads protrude vertically to the base material and thus create the special structure that can be seen when looking closely at velour. This is what velour fabric looks like when you look very close to it.

The structure of the result is actually reminiscent of animal fur, in which the hair also protrudes vertically from the base. The tactile effect is completely different from that of woven fabric.

The tactile effect is completely different from that of woven fabric. For example, imagine if you were to first stroke the back of a cat and then stroke a bed sheet with your eyes closed. We know this technology from other textiles, for example towels, but the different combinations of materials result in different effects.

What does velour have to do with lambskin?

What the art of weaving has once copied from nature can now be learned from the art of weaving for the processing of natural fur. Because what makes velour so special is the surface made of short threads that give way when you run over them and shine adorable.

The same effect can be achieved by shearing New Zealand merino furs, which are perfect for this with their strong and shiny fur. This is why our so-called velour cushions are made from lambskin. The cushions with this type of lambskin look deceptively similar to cushions made of velour. And not only that, they also feel just as wonderful and at the same time have the unbeatable properties of real lambskin.

So it's a pretty clever combination that isn't extremely popular for nothing. Do not miss out on our moccasin sheepskin that has a shiny and beautiful surface as well.

velvet cushions

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Have you already had experiences with products made of velour or the comparable lambskin? We would be happy to receive your comments! 

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