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Artikel: Yoga for children

Yoga for children

Yoga for children

Can you and your child practice yoga on a sheepskin?

Of course, you can!

Yoga is a comfortable physical training practice for children and adults. It is important to have a yoga mat of good quality when you practice. In cooperation with Hanne Mouritsen, at the Pure Nordic Yoga, we present short articles on how adults and children can enjoy yoga on a mat made from sheepskin.

This article is about yoga for you and your child with elements of meditation.

Continue the reading and get instructions how to practice yoga together with your child!

Practice yoga with your child

Yoga is a smart method for a parent to be together with the child. Use a sheepskin for the underlay and use your imagination! Soon you will jointly experience the calmness in your movements.

The little warrior

This position is easy and playful for your child. It will strengthen your focus and concentration as well as your body. Last but not least, also your creative abilities.

den lille kriger yoga

Make yoga playful with the popular Yoga Cards from Pure Nordic Yoga.


Play with a toy sword with your little warrior. Imagine that you both are on a surfboard and practice your balance. Tell a story. Keep the balance on a marked place on the lambskin. Your child will not run around with this exercise! Instead, you will remain on the same spot and stay calm and concentrated. By limiting your body, this will take of the stress from your body and soul. You will stay focused on where you are physically.

Childs position

The position is important when both of you lay down. Your nervous systems need to relax. A child needs no more that 15 – 30 seconds to reach the point of relaxation.

barnets stilling yoga

This exercise can be practiced any time, for example just when you are about to leave the home, before dinner, as well as before bedtime. Tell a story during those seconds. For example, your child can be a mouse trying to hide and is totally quiet not moving. Then you touch the mouses back and your child can get back on their feet. Then you go back to your daily activity, for example eating dinner. The purpose of this exercise is that your child will calm down and the nervous system will become in balance again. And it is fun!

The dog

The dog position is a fun exercise that strengthens the muscles in the arms, the legs, and ankles. At the same time, this exercise will relax the nervous system by the head hanging down. The dog is a funny animal that can wag the tail, bark, and pee by lifting a leg.

hunden yoga

The dog can of course also become a horse that likes to kick its legs. Just use your imagination!

Get the calm child

Small breaks for relaxation through the day are important for all age groups. Most children have long days with activities, which requires their attention.

yoga for børn

Your child may sit down in the tailor position and listen to a story or music. This short moment gives calmness and recovery of the body of your child.

The child can also lay down on the back on a lambskin and listen to a quiet story, a piece of music, or why not give your child a light massage. Add eye pillows to the eyes with a light touch. This will contribute towards the total relaxation.

yoga for børn

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