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Artikel: Find the right sheepskin that fits your chair

Find the right sheepskin that fits your chair

Find the right sheepskin that fits your chair

Read our guide to find the perfect sheepskin for your chair at home. We have a big selection of the best sheepskins in the world, and you will without a doubt be able to find a sheepskin in our selection that meets all your wishes for quality, comfort, and timeless design.

A sheepskin can be used for many different purposes but one of the most common ones is to use it for a dining room chair or an armchair. Therefore, we have gathered a lot of inspiration for you, so it is easier for you to choose the right sheepskin for the chair or chairs you have left empty at home. 

Sheepskin for your dining table chair

You can use a sheepskin to solve all sorts of problems in your home. It may be that you need a refreshing touch, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to add a sheepskin to your dining room chairs. Not only does it look nice and charming, but it also becomes even more comfortable and cozy to gather around the dinner table.

But what sheepskins are suitable to being placed over a dining room chair and which sheepskins can withstand sitting on them often and for a relatively long time?

Take a look at our wide selection of the world’s best sheepskins and buy one right here.

Sheepskin from New Zealand

If you are looking for a Nordic, timeless and minimalistic look, you can easily decorate your dining room chairs with a sheepskin from New Zealand. This sheepskin is known for its soft and natural look, and you can get them in exactly the color and length you want.

new zealand sheepskin

Find a New Zealand Sheepskin right here.

Sheepskin from Iceland

If you have the popular Y-chair from Wegner, an Icelandic sheepskin will fit perfectly with the natural oak and the beautiful, sculptural designer chair.

If you love sheepskin, but want it on a smaller scale, then you can choose to buy our seat covers, that are made of Icelandic sheepskin as well.

icelandic sheepskin

Find a sheepskin from Iceland right here.

Wegner's Y-chair is also very beautiful with a New Zealand sheepskin in several different colors, so it is also an obvious option if you are blessed with this beautiful designer chair.

Tibetan sheepskin 

Are you more into unique and eye-catching elements in your living room? Then choose to decorate some of your dining room chairs with a sheepskin from Tibet. This sheepskin is known for its unique softness in the small and fine corkscrew curls, that gives the sheepskin a cute, soft, and wild look at the same time.

Buy Tibetan sheepskins or seat cushions in different colors and lengths and experience how this item from nature can add coziness and harmony around the table.

tibetan sheepskin

Sheepskin from Austria

If you love bringing nature into your home, then you must get yourself a pair of sheepskins from Austria. This type of sheepskin is both wild and beautiful in its expression and is specially selected because of the beautiful, curly wool from the Austrian Alps. The sheepskin is natural in its color and therefore it only comes in three different colors, directly from nature.

austrian sheepskin

Buy an austrian sheepskin right here.

Sheepskin for an armchair

A sheepskin is both soft and beautiful, so why not put one in your favorite armchair? We have gathered some inspiration for you here. 

Tibetan sheepskin for an armchair

Seduce an old classic or turn your old armchair into something very special with a sheepskin from Tibet. The fine corkscrew curls and the beautiful ‘fluffy’ look will invite you to many hours of good comfort and coziness in your favorite armchair.

tibetan sheepskin

Find a tibetan sheepskin for your armchair right here.

New Zealand sheepskin for an armchair

Make your armchair even more beautiful with a sheepskin from New Zealand. This sheepskin has the finest structure and the softest expression, signalling a unique minimalist and natural beauty. It will be hard to resist your armchair once you have added a New Zealand sheepskin!


Find your own New Zealand sheepskin right here.

Icelandic sheepskin for an armchair

If you have a designer chair or an armchair that can handle a piece of raw nature, then you need to get yourself an Icelandic sheepskin and see how the natural beauty can create a unique atmosphere in your home. Due to its raw expression, an Icelandic sheepskin has a very special effect to its surroundings. Try it out and see exactly what this sheepskin can do to your armchair!

icelandic sheepskin

Find a beautiful Icelandic sheepskin right here.

Goatskin from Mongolian for your armchair

A sheepskin is an absolute bestseller, but maybe you should also take a look at our goatskins from Mongolia. It is not something you hear about often, and that is because the Mongolian goatskins are not very common. Our goatskins are very wild and raw in their expression in an incredibly beautiful way. These goatskins must be experienced! Put it in your favorite armchair – maybe you have an The Egg from Arne Jacobsen at home?


Find your very own Mongolian goatskin here.


Do you have any questions?

We have sheepskins from all over the world and are ready to help you if you have any doubts about which sheepskin to buy.
Email us or give us a call and we are ready to find out which sheepskin is perfect for you and your home. 
Come by our shop in Hedensted and see and feel all our different sheepskins.
We look forward to seeing you!

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