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Chemical reduction

The fur industry has been blamed for being bad for the environment through the years. This is actually not true. Many sites write and tell people, that the toxic and carcinogenic chemical Chromium VI and formaldehyde is used when processing fur. It is very important to us to emphasize, that this is false. In the process of processing fur, we use chromium III, which is a natural occurring heavy metal, that is found in stones, animals, plants and so on. It is often confused with the chemical chromium IV, but it is not the same. In general, the dressing factories are constantly implementing new and more sustainable methods and innovations, when processing fur. The chemical formaldehyde is also in its way out and will be banned by The International Federation of Dressers and Dyers.

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The Natural Fur Strategy

The International Fur Federation, the global organisation of the fur sector launched The Natural Fur Strategy at London Fashion Week on 17th February 2020. The strategy is a global sustainability strategy made to ensure commitments on animal welfare, environment and people. It will set out a framework and future ambitions for the fur sector, based on the UN’s sustainable development goals, and will consist of ground-breaking global initiatives, targeted interventions and clear goals that will move the industry to becoming truly sustainable.